5 questions every store design professional needs to answer

With major advances in Bluetooth radio technology and smartphone penetration at an all-time high?a whole new set of possibilities emerge for store design: linking physical store designs with digital content will allow for a?completely?new experience and a deeper level of understanding about the shopper.

kontakt.io1. What are beacons?

Beacons are tiny radio transmitters that signal smartphones and tablets of their existence. The signals then can be used to engage shoppers through their smartphones to provide interaction features or extra information about products or promotions.

Beacons do not require a lot of energy and can typically run from a single battery for up to 2 years.

2.What type of beacons are available??

apple ibeaconApple has entered the beacon market in 2013 with its iBeacon format. This is a simple format and allows for pre-installed beacon-aware apps to provide hyperlocal features for app users.

google-eddystone-beaconIn 2015 Google announced their own cross-plaftorm beacon format called Eddystone. The new format is a forerunner of what Google calls the physical web. In the physical web any object can have engagement features attached to it through the use of these tiny beacons. From entire stores, to individual pieces of clothing on sale can deliver?customized content to any shopper via the URLs broadcasted in every beacon. The Eddystone beacon format is open source and will foster much more innovation from the global beacon community.

3. What can retailers?do with?beacons?

The questions can be answered in two ways. Both of which are centered around one thing: DATA. Your customers – through their devices – will leave a trail of data behind them that will enable you to engage them with content and interaction features never before seen.?Let’s look at the short term (within 6 months) and long term (2 years) possibilities.

SHORT TERM – Engaging every customer through the stores own individual web content will engage customers and enable interaction with specific shoppers on a never before seen scale. This will effectively put brick & mortar retail on par with e-commerce.

LONG TERM – Most every piece of item available at a store will have their own content on the physical web. Multimedia, interaction and feedback will instantly be available for any item. You’ll be able to add items to wish lists, and receive omnichannel offers in real-time. Shoppers with questions about products can have instant answers in real-time.

4. The trail of data?

The trail of data now available to brick & mortar retailers is a game-changer. As shoppers visit our physical web websites and use our interaction features they create a bucketload of data describing their shopping habits, interests,possible alternate sales and communication channels to name just a few. This trail of data will change the way we think of traditional retail.

5. What will we achieve with the data?

The rapid growth of e-commerce is mostly attributed to optimizing the sales funnel. Incorporating the same principles for brick & mortar will enable retailers and brands to have the same efficiency in optimizing their sales funnels and to link e-commerce activities with brick & mortar to enable true omnichannel commerce.

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The top 4 reasons why shopping malls need to be at the forefront of the beacon revolution

The retail industry faces a steadily declining trend in total sales as e-commerce is taking business away from traditional brick & mortar. With rising trends like?showrooming and webrooming retailers face an ever-mounting challenge to grow. To?tackle?these shopping malls?need to realize they can be?the link between brick & mortar and digital.?Shopping malls need to provide beacon infrastructure for their stores to build interactive experiences on in-store and in-mall as well. This can only be done with the combined efforts of retailers and malls to provide a truly immersive shopping experience. Here are the best 4 reasons to do so:

1. It’s all about the experience

Trends emerge and gain traction?not when technology becomes available, but when human behaviour changes. Providing a valuable experience for shoppers is essential to enable linking digital and brick & mortar: an experience can not start at the storefront. It has to start before entering a mall: the valuable time before shopping is the best chance to engage the customers with offers and incentives to buy or simply visit.

2. Total coverage is king

Sure, individual stores and brands can develop their own integrated experiences but will it gain traction and mass acceptance? With the cognitive load of shoppers at an all-time high mobile experiences have to be as simple and straight-forward as possible. There is no time and hardly any good reason for shoppers to download every app for every store they pop into. Shopping malls need to create the infrastructure for a single shopping mall experience in every part of the establishment. This will enhance the experience and provide enough of an incentive for shoppers to care to download.

3. Data and your metrics rule!

With a beacon-enabled and social networking integrated shopping mall mobile presence serving the customers’ personal needs becomes possible: providing customized experiences based on on-line and off-line shopping behaviors?will have a massive impact on most retail metrics from footfall to conversion rates from customer retention to average purchase value.

4. Fusing?digital with brick & mortar

The shopping experience has changed numerous?times in the last century and will continue to evolve, but even as of today several major changes are affecting the retail process. Showrooming and webrooming?is an as an ever increasing part of daily retail life. To effectively react to this challenge retailers need to link their on-line and brick & mortar processes. In order to do this effectively shopping malls need to develop their digital infrastructure based on beacons to host the fusion of digital and brick & mortar.


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