4 reasons why you will say goodbye to an app and go for the physical web

4 reasons why you'll say goodbye to an app and go for the physical web

With Google’s expected announcement for the extended support for the physical web on the Android platform, the vision of the tech giant will be in full swing. App-less discovery of even the tiniest booths or stands at events will enable instant interaction at a fraction of a cost to previous app-based possibilities.

In this post, we will take a look at the main advantages retail and event professionals will enjoy in an app-less world:

  1. Empowerment: give the freedom to engage!
    With the structure of the web fully understood by all of your renters and commercial partners, you’ll have an easy time making them understand the gains they will make in employing a physical web presence during your event or at your venue. They will be empowered to directly engage your visitors through tools you make available to them directly on the physical web presence of your event or venue. There will be no more need for follow-up efforts to justify their budgets, as they’ll see the return on their investment on the spot!
  2. Delegate content tasks, integrate your web and social media!
    With website editing much more easily understood by your peers the previous app content chores will mostly disappear! Managing your physical web content will be much more user friendly: you will not have to work with any IT guys, you’ll be able to easily integrate your existing web content, or other social media through URLs!
    The cherry on top is delegation: with the slow and complex task of collecting information to be put into an app for your event or venue will mostly go away: you’ll assign their individual space on the physical web and allow your exhibitors or commercial partners to develop their own space!
  3. Super-easy discovery!
    With the advances made by Google in terms of discovery of proximity-based interaction, the landscape has never looked better: using the popular Chrome browser on iOS and as expected the entire Android platform, there is no need to have visitors install an app at your event or venue.
    Say goodbye to all of these challenges! The information or engagement tool is right there at their fingertips with the content and interaction relevant for that particular place at your event or venue!
  4. At the end of the day it’s all about money!
    The power of the web has always been its open and free nature to enable the world to share information. Most of the advances made by the concept of the physical web revolve around getting rid of the massive cost factors in developing an app for an event or venue. Between developing and refining the content and the massive amount of programing it takes adds a heavy burden to the goal of sharing and engaging your visitors.

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The physical web in your home: taking the pain out of IoT

The physical web in your home: taking the pain out of IoT

In a world of countless smart devices, can we have 20 to 30 apps on our phones to manage the lighting/shades/dishwasher/security/etc…in our home? Let the physical web take care of this mess!

We do not need to imagine a world where all of our devices are smart. That world is here. Beside our

are among the thousands of systems that are already app-connected. In the not too distant future, our entire lives are going to be accompanied by devices that are network connected.

One of the reasons these technologies are slow to reach us is the app clutter being created on our mobile phones: with dozens of apps using any single smart device or service in your home gets a massive mobile overhead as the user needs to jump from one app to another constantly. There is no way to get around this problem in an app-based fashion so we need to take another approach.

The physical web will provide a solution to this mess: with every piece of smart device one might have, the physical web site will become a common interaction platform for all users having authentication. This will make administering access to a thermostat for example very easy to all involved parties: granting access to your children can easily be managed.

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