Monetise your Google search traffic with Google My Business (GMB) promotions

Google recently added the ability to put promos and offers to your search and Maps results through Google My Business (GMB). This free opportunity will help digital marketers drive more store visits and measure the precise sales uplift from these promotions easily.

Google My Business promotional offers in Google Search and Google Maps

What’s Google My Business (GMB)?

Google My Business (GMB) is a must have tool for any business. It is a great platform for you to provide information on your business and to increase your visibility and it also has great impact on your local search results.

Consistent and complete information of your business gives you facilities to engage your potencial customers, increase credibility and brand awareness. Google My Business (GMB) enables you to add your store information information, opening hours, a simple booking feature, ability to add Q&A?s,  reviews and so much more. Recently Google has added powerful new features to post coupons, product offers, a what’s new post, and even events!

What are Google My Business (GMB) promotions?

A major new feature in Google My Business (GMB) enables digital marketers to monetise their Google Search and Google Maps traffic to drive store visits and track conversion.

The promotional cards show up accross all search results on desktop and mobile. They are completly responsive and offer the only opportunity for you to have a banner with a clickable link. And the best part is, they are FREE!

How to measure impact?

You can pretty quickly asses the opportunity for yourself. Just dive into your Google Keyword Planner, forecast a search volume for your target markets with your business name and measure against your PPC top of the page CPC. As this is the only opportunity for you to get a banner ad on your search volume it’s pretty fair to say these clicks are more valuable than the ones you aquire through PPC.

How to take advantage?

This only depends on the number of locations you have if you have just a single location and you’re doing the digital marketing for yourself, Google’s Google My Business tool will cover most of your bases.

Promotion types in Google My Business

You can post a product, promotion or a simple post. All of these expire after a week so you have to keep up with that schedule and re-do a promo. But don’t worry, Google will notify you in e-mail a day before. 

The biggest problems for digital marketers with Google My Business (GMB) promotions

The no. 1 problem with Google My Business (GMB) promotions is scale. If you have more than a single location, you have some significant challenges to overcome.

  • If you have 20, 50 or hundreds of store locations Google does not give you tools for you to deploy promos to several locations. There’s no way to scale these promotional offers across multiple locations.
  • If you want to schedule content that outlasts the default expiration date of 1 week you have some challenges.
  • If you’d like to re-use the creatives of these promos from time to time there’s no way to do that. You’re always starting with a clean sheet of paper so you’re copy-and-pasteing a lot.

We’re happy to report that Beeem will take care of all of these problems for you in a quick and efficient way! You’ll be deploying your promos across any number of locations, you can mass change and modify your promos as you wish and even re-use your creatives! Get our whitepaper to learn more!