6 lessons learnt from using beacons at the European Table Tennis Championships Part 1

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In this post, we’ll give a detailed analysis of Beeem content & interaction services using Sensoro’s physical web beacons used at the 2016 ITTF European Championships in Budapest, Hungary. The event was a massive success with significant mobile engagement numbers during the event.


1. Preparations

SENSORO SmartbeaconBeeem logoAfter the selection procedure the Beeem task force conducted two walkthroughs of the event venue Tüske hall. The stadium is a relatively small one (2 500 sq meters, maximum of 3908 seats) with very unique architectural features that make traveling radio signals very difficult. This presents a great challenge: providing beacon coverage in some remote areas of the venue requires dedicated beacons and makes Wi-Fi coverage a must for any physical web deployment.

Key takeaways:

I. Measure Wi-Fi RSSI before the event!

II. Measure beacon RSSI values across the venue!

2. Wi-Fi: the mother of all successful physical web deployments!

The key to the success of the physical web experience was good all-round Wi-Fi coverage. This was achieved with Ruckus ZoneFlex Indoor Access Points that handle up to 500 unique connections and are easily capable of supporting large volumes of users. This will get your event Wi-Fi costs down to a 0.8 euros (around 0.9 usd)/seat!

Key takeaways:

III. Wi-Fi is an enabler!

IV. Don’t take the available infrastructure for granted!

V. New technology makes Wi-Fi very affordable for live events!


3. Hardware deployment

Deploying beacon hardware should not be hard: with the pre-set zero-configuration URLs, the beacons were programmable from the cloud without any technical setup. Power levels were somewhat reduced from SENSORO’S factory settings as the default ranges were too high. This was tested out way ahead of the event. A total of 8 beacons were deployed for the 8 tables in the main hall of the stadium to give full match coverage for all of the events. Beeem’s cloud on-off switch for physical web beacons was a great asset during the event as some beacons were lost during changes to the floor layout but were still present and in-range.

Key takeaways:

VI. ON-OFF switch on a beacon is a big help

VII. Don’t be afraid to deploy discreetly

VIII. Range will not be greatly affected by wiring and metal objects nearby

In Part 2, we’ll continue discussing the content & interaction tools, look at brick & mortar signage for onboarding and dig into the usage data!

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