The top 4 reasons why shopping malls need to be at the forefront of the beacon revolution

The retail industry faces a steadily declining trend in total sales as e-commerce is taking business away from traditional brick & mortar. With rising trends like?showrooming and webrooming retailers face an ever-mounting challenge to grow. To?tackle?these shopping malls?need to realize they can be?the link between brick & mortar and digital.?Shopping malls need to provide beacon infrastructure for their stores to build interactive experiences on in-store and in-mall as well. This can only be done with the combined efforts of retailers and malls to provide a truly immersive shopping experience. Here are the best 4 reasons to do so:

1. It’s all about the experience

Trends emerge and gain traction?not when technology becomes available, but when human behaviour changes. Providing a valuable experience for shoppers is essential to enable linking digital and brick & mortar: an experience can not start at the storefront. It has to start before entering a mall: the valuable time before shopping is the best chance to engage the customers with offers and incentives to buy or simply visit.

2. Total coverage is king

Sure, individual stores and brands can develop their own integrated experiences but will it gain traction and mass acceptance? With the cognitive load of shoppers at an all-time high mobile experiences have to be as simple and straight-forward as possible. There is no time and hardly any good reason for shoppers to download every app for every store they pop into. Shopping malls need to create the infrastructure for a single shopping mall experience in every part of the establishment. This will enhance the experience and provide enough of an incentive for shoppers to care to download.

3. Data and your metrics rule!

With a beacon-enabled and social networking integrated shopping mall mobile presence serving the customers’ personal needs becomes possible: providing customized experiences based on on-line and off-line shopping behaviors?will have a massive impact on most retail metrics from footfall to conversion rates from customer retention to average purchase value.

4. Fusing?digital with brick & mortar

The shopping experience has changed numerous?times in the last century and will continue to evolve, but even as of today several major changes are affecting the retail process. Showrooming and webrooming?is an as an ever increasing part of daily retail life. To effectively react to this challenge retailers need to link their on-line and brick & mortar processes. In order to do this effectively shopping malls need to develop their digital infrastructure based on beacons to host the fusion of digital and brick & mortar.


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