The physical web in your home: taking the pain out of IoT

In a world of countless smart devices, can we have 20 to 30 apps on our phones to manage the lighting/shades/dishwasher/security/etc…in our home? Let the physical web take care of this mess!

We do not need to imagine a world where all of our devices are smart. That world is here. Beside our

are among the thousands of systems that are already app-connected. In the not too distant future, our entire lives are going to be accompanied by devices that are network connected.

One of the reasons these technologies are slow to reach us is the app clutter being created on our mobile phones: with dozens of apps using any single smart device or service in your home gets a massive mobile overhead as the user needs to jump from one app to another constantly. There is no way to get around this problem in an app-based fashion so we need to take another approach.

The physical web will provide a solution to this mess: with every piece of smart device one might have, the physical web site will?become a common interaction platform for all users having authentication. This will make administering access to a thermostat for example very easy to all involved parties: granting access to your children can easily be?managed.

If you are interested to try the world’s first content management system for the physical web that will enable all these features, sign up for Beeem right now!

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