4 reasons why the physical web will make event apps obsolete in 2016

In today’s quickly changing event landscape, event apps have steadily caught on as a means of enriching the experience and many event professionals have already employed robust technologies to boost the interaction and social aspects of live meetings. With the advances Google has made with their Eddystone beacon standard will allow for the extension of the event website to physical spaces of the event.

Here are the top 4 reasons why the physical web will make the event apps obsolete in 2016:

  1. Say goodbye to app clutter!
    Event apps have become complex: they offer dozens of features that most events will take but are only useful in certain physical areas such as meeting rooms. These non-relevant features clutter the UI twice: they take up screen real-estate when they are irrelevant and whenever the user taps on them when they shouldn’t.?Walk up and use anything?is the fundamental message of the physical web and this will be true for events as well: participants will enter any part of the physical environment of an event and will get the targeted content for that particular environment.
  2. Link and reuse your existing web content!
    With an already existing website that is most likely mobile-friendly event professionals already do a part of the legwork required for event mobile success. These pieces of content can be easily reused in the physical web presence of the event: agendas, speaker profiles and social media are just some examples of some of the content that can be used inside your physical web presence without someone writing code (and you paying for it)!
  3. Hyperlocal by nature
    There is a major shift in adoption of location-based services that drives the beacon revolution in several verticals at the moment. With event apps adopting beacon capabilities, the infrastructure is already being enabled to allow for a much easier and more location-aware experience.
  4. The bottom line
    At the end it all comes down to the math: how much time and money do you spend on your event app experience? With the physical web, you’ll be able to get rid of massive capital expenses and the risk that comes with it and employ a technology everyone is already familiar with. With event app developers struggling with the ROI of their products it is easy to see why: in order to serve their customers, they need to employ software engineers to make your event app. Even with some automation in app production there is a massive cost for this that will ultimately be surpassed by the much more friendly approach of the physical web.

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