Hello beacon world!

With an ever widening technological array, beacons are at the forefront of location-based services. With an ever widening array of vendors competing with?Apple’s iBeacon?and Google’s Eddystone?formats – among others – the next challenge in front of the industry is providing true value to business across a myriad of sectors from retail, festivals and trade shows, to public transport and sports – just to name a few.

iBeacons curtesy of Shenzhen Wellcore Technology Co., Ltd.
iBeacons courtesy of Shenzhen Wellcore Technology Co., Ltd.

We have launched the Beacon Intelligence?Blog to share our vision?for the world of beacons changing the face of brick-and-mortar business as we know it. As mobile proximity technologies mature, their penetration deepens and enables the same precision in targeting and engagement employed in data-driven sectors like e-commerce.

Stay tuned!

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